Jens Benz Studio

Run by Jens "Benz" Søndergaard
Recording, Producing, Mixing and Mastering since 1998
Specialised in band recordings, but working in all genres
Classic Trident 80C console / Lyrec 16 track analog 2" tape / 32 input DAW
 Drums/Amps/Synths & keys
All you need to make a great recording
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Høffdingsvej, Valby, Copenhagen


+45 2231 8974


About me: I'm a drummer.  I've been in bands since 1988 most notably Powersolo(dk) and The Broken Beats(dk). I've also been the touring and recording drummer of Heavy Trash(US)

In the studio I've been working in most genres in both the analogue  and digital domain. These days it's mostly a hybrid, recording to analogue and mixing mostly in digital. That's what I prefer but the studio is equipped to do both. A lot of projects start with recording the basic tracks(drums, bass, gtr, keys, cue vocals,etc)  to tape at my studio, transfer to the computer, then the artist/band do some dubbing on their own and bring the whole thing back to me for mixing.

For many years I've also been working and touring with bands doing FOH mixing:  The Tremolo Beer Gut, Josiah Konder, Thulebasen, Iceage, Eggstone, Bob Hund, Off!, Modest, Moon Duo, Værket, No Age, Omar Soleyman and many more...

Lately I've been teaching students studio stuff at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory of Copenhagen. Love that.